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Tr sao

SAO English Trial Deck

Contains cards from Sword Art Online. It contains blue and yellow cards.

Card ListEdit

SAO/S20-101 "Conquering Team" Asuna 《攻略組》アスナ x1
SAO/S20-102 "Conquering Team" Kirito 《攻略組》キリト    x1
SAO/S20-103 "Beater" Kirito 《ビーター》キリト                  x2
SAO/S20-104 Kirito & Asuna キリト&アスナ                    x2
SAO/S20-105 Asuna, Infiltrating Underground Dungeon 地下ダンジョンへの潜入 アスナ x4
SAO/S20-T01 Asuna, Jumping to the Wrong Conclusion 早とちり アスナ  x2
SAO/S20-T02 Asuna, Beginning of Battle 戦いのはじまり アスナ              x4
SAO/S20-T03 Heathcliff, Hidden True Self 隠された正体 ヒースクリフ         x2
SAO/S20-T04 Asuna, Response to Propose プロポーズの返事 アスナ      x2
SAO/S20-T05 Asuna, Mastery of Cooking Skill 熟練の料理スキル アスナ x2
SAO/S20-T06 Star Splash 《スター・スプラッシュ》                                    x2
SAO/S20-T07 Kirito, Beginning of Battle 戦いのはじまり キリト                 x4
SAO/S20-T08 Yui, Child of the Two ふたりの子供 ユイ                             x4
SAO/S20-T09 Yui, Lovely Child 愛らしい少女 ユイ                                   x4
SAO/S20-T10 Kirito, Becoming Member of Knights of the Blood 血盟騎士団への入団 キリト  x4
SAO/S20-T11 Agil, Axe Warrior 斧戦士 エギル                                      x2
SAO/S20-T12 Kirito, Snow Mountain on Floor 55 五十五層の雪山 キリト  x2
SAO/S20-T13 End of the World 世界の終焉                                          x4
SAO/S20-T14 User of "Dual Wield" 《二刀流》の使い手                           x2

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