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Weiss Schwarz Rules

Basic Rules Edit

if you are new to Weiss Schwarz check out the basic rules below

Comprehensive Rules Edit

has a detailed explanation of the rules of Weiss Schwarz

Deck Construction Rules Edit

outlines what can go in your Deck for a particular format.

There are 3 types of formats your Deck can be constructed in:

  1. NeoStandard Format
    • This is the most common format. you can only play cards from a single Series
  2. Side Format
    • Only cards from 1 Side (Weiss or Schwarz) can be put in a single deck.
  3. Standard Format
    • Any card can be put in a single deck.

Errata Edit

some cards have misprints on them so they have a list of mistakes, or erratas, on their official website. Cards with Errata can usually be replaced with fixed reprinted cards at certain events/places.

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