Series: Rewrite
Set ID(s): RW  Rewrite bannerRewHarBanner

Rewrite game cover

Cover of Rewrite Visual Novel

This Series contains cards from the popular Key Visual Novel, Rewrite.

Rewrite is set in a high school in the fictional city Kazamatsuri, where trees and flowers are more important than buildings. -- Wikipedia

Set IDs for this series include: RW

There are no English cards for this series.

Booster PacksEdit

Trial Decks Edit

Extra PacksEdit

PR CardsEdit

RW/WPR-001 PR 幼なじみ 小鳥 Childhood Friend Kotori PR
RW/W15-111 PR ちび篝 Mini Kagari PR
RW/W15-112 PR “自分の存在意義”ルチア "Reason To Be Me" Lucia PR
RW/W15-113 PR “お気に入りの場所”静流 "Favorite Spot" Shizuru PR
RW/W15-114 PR “深遠なる魔術”朱音 “Profound In Sorcery” Akane PR
RW/W15-115 PR “明るい笑顔”ちはや "Bright Smile" Chihaya PR
RW/W15-116 PR “楽しい気分”小鳥 "Fun Mood" Kotori PR

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