Persona 4 Starter. Contains Yellow and Blue cards.

Card ListEdit

Card No. Jap. Name Translated Name Amt
P4/S08-T01 TD 吹奏楽部 松永綾音 Orchestra Club Manager Matsunaga Ayane x4
P4/S08-T02 TD ミスコン?主人公ちゃん "Miss" Con? Protagonist-chan x4
P4/S08-T03 TD 主人公の相棒 陽介 Protagonist's Partner Yosuke x4
P4/S08-T04 TD 浴衣の菜々子 Yuukata Nanako x4
P4/S08-T05 TD 友情の絆創膏 陽介 Band-Aid of Freindship Yosuke x2
P4/S08-T06 TD 父親の誓い 堂島 "A Father's Promise" Dojima x2
P4/S08-T07 TD リーダ主人公 Leader Protagonist x2
P4/S08-T08 TD 陽介&スサノオ Yosuke & Susano-O x4
P4/S08-T09 TD Never More Never More x2
P4/S08-T10 TD ブレイブザッパー Brave Blade x4
P4/S08-T11 TD マネージャー海老原あい Manager Ebihara Ai x2
P4/S08-T12 TD “青春の主張”クマ "Advocate of the Springtime of Youth" Teddie x4
P4/S08-T13 TD 名探偵 直斗 Famous Detective Naoto x4
P4/S08-T14 TD “熊田”ちゃん Teddie-chan x2
P4/S08-T15 TD すべての人の魂の詩 Aria of Souls x2
P4/S08-T16 TD マハブフダイン Mabufudyne x2
P4/S08-T101 TD “契約の鍵”主人公 "Contractor's Key" Protagonist x1
P4/S08-T102 TD ペラペラクマ Flattened Teddie x1

Weiss Trial Decks

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Schwarz Trial Decks

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