Cards that are available in the Persona 3 Trial Deck. It contains only Yellow and Blue cards.

Persona 3Edit

The first Trial Deck of Schwarz to be released. Loosely based on the characters of Shin Megami Tensei : Persona 3, the 4th game in the Persona series and part of the very long running Shin Megami Tensei series. It is one of the first few games that incorporates Visual Dating Simulator elements inside a Role Playing Game and went mainstream. Popular in subculture for their trademark pose of shooting their own brain to summon their Personas.

The Trial Deck is stable, pretty powerful, and it's cards does not have too many effects that are complicated yet. It's a good deck to start playing the game with.

Card ListEdit

P3/S01-01T Amada & Kala-Nemi 「天田&カーラ.ネミ」x1

P3/S01-02T Tomochiga Kenji 「友近 健二」x2

P3/S01-03T Koromaru & Cerberus「コロマル&ケルベロス」x2

P3/S01-04T CEO Tanaka 「たなか社長」x2

P3/S01-05T Shin Kanzato 「神郷 慎」x2

P3/S01-06T Dark Hour 「影時間」x2

P3/S01-07T Koromaru 「コロマル」 x4

P3/S01-08T Bébé 「べべ」x4

P3/S01-09T Maiko 「舞子」x4

P3/S01-10T Amada & Nemesis 「天田&ネメシス」x2

P3/S01-11T Main Character & Thanatos 「主人公&タナトス」 x4

P3/S01-12T Mayoidou 「真宵堂」 x2

P3/S01-13T The End of Revenge 「復讐の終わり」 x2

P3/S01-14T The Final Choice 「最後の選択」 x4

P3/S01-15T Mitsuru & Penthesilea 「美鶴&ペンテシレア」 x1

P3/S01-16T Fushimi Chihiro 「伏見 千尋」x2

P3/S01-17T Odagiri Hidetoshi 「小田桐 秀利」x4

P3/S01-18T Kirijo Takeharu 「桐条 武治」x2

P3/S01-19T Mitsuru & Artemisia 「美鶴&アルテミシア」x2

P3/S01-20T The Promise Made Together「誓い合った約束」x2

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