Series: MELTY BLOOD/空の境界
Set ID(s): MB, KK  MB


Cover of 1st Melty Blood game

This Series contains cards from the popular arcade fighting game Melty Blood based on Tsukihime franchise.

Booster PacksEdit

Trial DecksEdit

PR CardsEdit

Melty BloodEdit

MB/S10-106 メルティブラッド Melty Blood
MB/S10-107 生粋のお嬢様 秋葉 Genuine Princess Akiha
MB/S10-108 知識の研鑽 シオン Study of Knowledge Sion
MB/S10-109 夢魔 白レン Succubus White Len
MB/S10-110 “新しいタタリ”吸血鬼シオン "New TATARI" Vampire Sion
MB/S10-111 お屋敷の秩序 翡翠 Order of the Mansion Hisui

Kara no Kyoukai Edit

KK/SPR-001 “スプリンター”臙条 巴 "Sprinter" Tomoe Enjou
KK/SPR-002 “直死の魔眼”両儀 式 "Mystic Eyes of Death Perception" Ryuugi Shiki
KK/SPR-003 “人形使い”蒼崎 橙子 "Puppet Master" Touko Aozaki
KK/SPR-004 “お人好し”黒桐 幹也 "Credulous" Mikiya Kokutou
KK/SPR-005 “痛覚残留”浅上 藤乃 "Remaining Sense of Pain" Fujino Asagami
KK/SPR-006 “俯瞰風景”巫条 霧絵 "Overlooking the Scenery" Kirie Fujou
KK/SPR-007 “魔術師”荒耶 宗蓮 "Magus" Souren Araya

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