Series: らき☆すた
Set ID(s): LS  LS banner
 Lucky Star

This Series contains cards from the popular Manga and Anime Lucky Star.

There are no English cards for this series.

Booster PacksEdit

Trial DecksEdit

Extra PacksEdit

PR CardsEdit

Comeback Campaign: Edit

  • LS/W05-115 Summer Day Konata (夏の日のこなた)
  • LS/W05-116 Hobby Road Konata (趣味の道 こなた)
  • LS/W05-117 Tsukkomi role Kagami (ツッコミ役 かがみ)
  • LS/W05-118 Soothing Personality Tsukasa (癒し系 つかさ)
  • LS/W05-119 Calm Type Miyuki (おっとりタイプ みゆき)
  • LS/W05-120 Twin Sisters Kagami & Tsukasa (双子の姉妹 かがみ&つかさ)
  • LS/W05-121 Sunny Clothing Kagami (晴れ着のかがみ)
  • LS/W05-122 Sunny Clothing Konata (晴れ着のこなた)
  • LS/W05-123 Stand Up! Konata (スタンドアップ! こなた)
  • LS/W05-124 Beginning This Year (始まる今年)

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