Series: キルラキル
Set ID(s): KLK  KillLaKillEngBanner
 Kill la KIll

This Series contains cards from the Anime Kill la Kill.

This series exists in both Japanese and English.(Packs/Cards with "ENG" exists in English)

Booster PacksEdit

Trial DecksEdit

PR CardsEdit

KLK/S27-101 ちびマコ Chibi Mako
KLK/S27-102 ちび流子 Chibi Ryuuko
KLK/S27-103 ちび“人衣一体”流子 Chibi "Life Fibers Synchronize" Ryuuko
KLK/S27-104 ちび皐月 Chibi Satsuki
KLK/S27-P01 水着の流子 Swimsuit Ryuuko
KLK/S27-P02 流子とデート 鮮血 Date with Ryuuko Senketsu
KLK/S27-P03 わけのわからない満艦飾一家 Incomprehensible Mankanshoku Family

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