Series: 艦隊これくしょん -艦これ-
Set ID(s): KC  KanColleBanner
 艦隊これくしょん -艦これ-
 Kantai Collection -KanColle-

This Series contains cards from the popular internet browser game Kantai Collection.

There are no English cards for this Series.

Booster Packs Edit

Trial Decks Edit

Extra Packs Edit

PR cards Edit

KC/S25-015P 夕雲型駆逐艦2番艦 巻雲 Yuugumo Class Destroyer No.2 Makigumo
KC/S25-020P 利根型重巡1番艦 利根 Tone Class Heavy Cruiser No.1 Tone
KC/S25-048P 川内型軽巡3番艦 那珂 Sendai Class Light Cruiser No.3 Naka
KC/S25-114P 長良型軽巡2番艦 五十鈴 Nagara Class Light Cruiser No.2 Isuzu
KC/S25-132P 白露型駆逐艦4番艦 夕立改二 Shiratsuyu Class Destroyer No.4 Yuudachi Kai 2
KC/S25-134P 祥鳳型軽空母2番艦 瑞鳳 Shouhou Class Light Carrier No.2 Zuihou
KC/S25-165P 陸軍丙型特殊船 あきつ丸 Amphibious Assault Ship Akitsumaru
KC/S25-166P 三式潜航輸送艇 まるゆ Type 3 Submergence Transport Vehicle Maruyu
KC/S25-P01 白露型駆逐艦1番艦 白露改 Shiratsuyu Class Destroyer No.1 Shiratsuyu Kai
KC/S25-P02 奇跡の駆逐艦 雪風 Destroyer of Miracle Yukikaze
KC/S25-P03 幸運の駆逐艦 時雨改二 Destroyer of Good Luck Shigure Kai 2
KC/S25-P04 いざ出撃!赤城&吹雪&伊勢 Sortie Now! Akagi & Fubuki & Ise
KC/S25-P05 いらっしゃいませ!空母ヲ級 Welcome! Carrier Wo-Class
KC/S25-P06 いらっしゃいませ!赤城 Welcome! Akagi
KC/S25-P07 白露型駆逐艦2番艦 時雨改二 Shiratsuyu Class Destroyer No.2 Shigure Kai 2
KC/S25-P08 陽炎型駆逐艦8番艦 雪風 Kagerou Class Destroyer No.8 Yukikaze
KC/S25-P09 暁型駆逐艦4番艦 電 Akatsuki Class Destroyer No.4 Inazuma
KC/S25-P10 “クマと一緒”球磨 "Together with Teddy" Kuma
KC/S25-P11 “たい焼き大好き”多摩 "Loves Octopus Snack" Tama
KC/S25-P12 白露型駆逐艦3番艦 村雨改 Shiratsuyu Class Destroyer No.3 Murasame Kai

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