Series: ギルティクラウン
Set ID(s): GC  GuiltyBanner
 Guilty Crown

This Series contains cards from the Anime Guilty Crown.

There are no English cards in this Series.

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GC/S16-106 “The Everlasting Guilty Crown”真名 "The Everlasting Guilty Crown" Mana
GC/S16-107 “告白”真名 "Proposal" Mana
GC/S16-108 スクルージ&キャロル Scrooge & Carol
GC/S16-109 “真摯な誓い”集&いのり "Sincere Oath" Shu & Inori
GC/S16-110 “運命の邂逅”集&いのり "Fateful Encounter" Shu & Inori
GC/S16-111 死にゆくものへ餞を A Farewell Gift to Those Passing Away
GC/S16-112 “My Dearest” いのり "My Dearest" Inori
GC/S16-113 “Departures ~あなたにおくるアイの歌~” いのり "Departures -A Love Song Sent to You-" Inori
GC/S16-114 綾瀬&ツグミ Ayase & Tsugumi
GC/S16-115 ちみ涯 Tiny Gai
GC/S16-116 ちみ集 Tiny Shu
GC/S16-117 ちみいのり Tiny Inori
GC/S16-118 ちみ綾瀬 Tiny Ayase
GC/S16-119 ちみツグミ Tiny Tsugumi
GC/S16-120 上目遣い いのり Glancing Upwards Inori
GC/S16-121 溢れる愛しさ いのり Overflowing Love Inori