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Fate/Stay Night Trial Deck

Contains cards from the Fate Series. It contains mainly Yellow and Red cards.

Card List

FS/S03-102 Swimsuit Saber & Sakura 「水着のセイバー&桜x1
FS/S03-103 Emiya House's Freeloader 「衛宮家の居候x1
FS/S03-T01 After Bath Saber 「湯上りセイバーx4
FS/S03-T02 Mitsuzuri Ayako 「美綴 綾子x2
FS/S03-T03 Ryūdō Issei 「柳洞 一成x4
FS/S03-T04 Finest Heroic Spirit Saber 「最優の英霊セイバーx2
FS/S03-T05 The Golden King of Heroes Gilgamesh 「黄金の英雄王ギルガメッシュx2
FS/S03-T06 Master Fuji 「藤師しょーx2
FS/S03-T07 Bearer of the Holy Sword Saber 「聖剣の担い手セイバーx4
FS/S03-T08 Saber Summon 「セイバー召喚x2
FS/S03-T09 Funny Lion 「ファニーライオンx2
FS/S03-T10 The Sword Of Promised Victory (Excalibur) 「約束された勝利の剣(エクスカリバー)x4
FS/S03-T11 Red Knight Archer 「赤い騎士アーチャーx4
FS/S03-T12 Red Devil Rin 「あかいあくま凛x2
FS/S03-T13 Tohsaka Rin 「遠坂 凛x2
FS/S03-T14 Jewel Magecraft Bloodline Rin 「宝石魔術の血脈 凛x2
FS/S03-T15 Iron Heroic Spirit Archer 「錬鉄の英霊アーチャーx2
FS/S03-T16 Black Holy Grail Sakura 「黒き聖杯 桜x4
FS/S03-T17 Words of Farewell 「別れの言葉x2
FS/S03-T18 Smile of Mischief 「いたずらな微笑みx2

Weiss Trial Decks

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Fate Series

Fate/stay night (Booster) - Fate/stay night (Trial Deck) - Fate/hollow ataraxia (Extra)
- Fate/Zero (Booster) - Fate/Zero (Trial Deck)

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