Set ID(s): FT  Fairy Tail

This Series contains cards from the manga and Anime FAIRY TAIL.

This series exists in both Japanese and English.

Booster Packs Edit

Trial Decks Edit

Extra Packs Edit

PR Cards Edit

FT/S09-106 星霊の導き ルーシィ Guidance by the Spirits Lucy
FT/S09-107 感情の炎 ナツ Flame of Emotions Natsu
FT/S09-108 愛玩星霊 プルー Pet Spirit Plue
FT/S09-109 化猫の宿の魔導師 ウェンディ Wizard of Cait Shelter Wendy
FT/S09-110 ナツ&ルーシィ&ハッピー Natsu & Lucy & Happy
FT/S09-111 “ギャングスター”ナツ "Gangster" Natsu
FT/S09-112 “ギャングスター”ルーシィ "Gangster" Lucy
FT/SE10-46 “天空の巫女”ウェンディ "Priestess of the Sky" Wendy

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