Series: DOG DAYS

Set ID(s): DD

This Series contains cards from the Anime Dog Days and its sequel Dog Days'.

There are no English cards for this series.

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Dog DaysEdit

DD/WE12-53 姫殿下 ミルヒ Royal Highness Princess Millhi
DD/WE12-54 メイド服のリコ Maid Uniform Rico
DD/WE12-55 ビスコッティの歌姫 ミルヒ Diva of Biscotti Millhi

Dog Days'Edit

DD/WE17-P01 真夏を想うミルヒ Thinking about Mid Summer Millhi
DD/WE17-P02 ほんわか犬姫様 ミルヒ Soft and Gentle Dog Princess Millhi