All card numbers follow the following format:


Based on the number for this specific example, this is a double rare Weiß card from the D.C. and D.C.II Booster Pack.

Look below to find what Set, Side and Release Pack your card came from.

Set ID Edit

The Set ID is denoted by 3 alphanumeric characters. Below is a list of all set ids and what set they correspond to. (These sets are linked to their Series)

Side Edit

Release Pack Edit

The number after the Side represents which pack the card came from. Below is a list of Release Pack IDs.

  • Note: The D.C. D.C.II and Little Busters! Ecstasy Extra Packs do not follow the same format. Instead, there is an 'E' after the Release Pack ID.(kind of like English Card Numbers)

Rarity Edit

see Rarity