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Anatomy of a Card NumberEdit

All card numbers follow the following format:


Based on the number for this specific example, this is a double rare Weiß card from the D.C. and D.C.II Booster Pack.



Release PackEdit

  • Weiß
    • Booster
      • 01 = D.C. and D.C.II
      • 02 = Little Busters!
      • 03 = The Familiar of Zero
      • 04 = Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha StrikerS
      • 05 = Lucky Star
      • 06 = Little Busters! Ecstasy
      • 07 = Phantom - requiem for the phantom-
      • 08 = The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya
      • 09 = D.C. and D.C.II P.C.
      • 10 = Toaru Majutsu no Index & Toaru Kagaku no Railgun
      • 11 = Angel Beats & Kud Wafter
      • 12 = Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha A's
    • Extra
      • 01 = D.C. and D.C.II
      • 02 = Little Busters! Ecstasy
      • E01 = CLANNAD Vol.1
      • E02 = D.C.II P.C.
      • E03 = Sora Kake Girl, My-HiME, and My-Otome Vol.1
      • E04 = CLANNAD Vol.2
      • E05 = Sora Kake Girl, My-HiME, and My-Otome Vol.2
      • E06 = Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha The MOVIE 1st
      • E07 = CLANNAD Vol.3
      • E08 = D.C.II P.C. II
  • Schwarz
    • Booster
      • 01 = Persona 3
      • 02 = Disgaea
      • 03 = Fate/stay night
      • 04 = Shining Force EXA
      • 06 = Sengoku Basara
      • 07 = THE IDOLM@STER
      • 08 = Persona 4
      • 09 = Fairy Tail
      • 10 = Melty Blood
      • 11 = Tantei Opera Milky Holmes
      • 12 = Evangelion
    • Extra
      • E01 = Persona 4
      • E02 = CANAAN
      • E03 = Fate/hollow ataraxia
      • E04 = THE IDOLM@STER Dearly Stars

Type of Pack or DeckEdit

  • Trial Deck: The letter "T" appears after the dash, or the number after the dash is greater than 100.
  • Booster Pack: The numbers after the dash are less than or equal to 100 and the letter "E" does not appear anywhere in this portion.
  • Extra Pack: The letter "E" appears anywhere in this portion.


Rarity is controlled in each carton, box, and pack. Each carton contains 16 boxes. Booster Pack boxes contain 20 packs, with 8 cards apiece. Extra Pack boxes contain 6 packs, with 6 cards apiece. In certain cases where an extra pack releases a newer volume, one extra card is placed in as categorized as reprinted card from its older volumes. For example, Clannad Volume 2 and 3 Extra Pack.

From highest rarity to lowest, the rarities of cards are as follows.

  • SP (Special): Holo-foil CC/CR cards or cards with signatures. Only 2 of these are included in a booster carton.
  • RRR (Triple Rare): Holo-foil cards, most of these feature new descriptions and art. Only 4 of these are included in a booster carton. (There are no RRR cards for THE IDOLM@STER and Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha A's).
  • SR (Special Rare): Holo-foil cards, without different descriptions or art. Ten of these are included in a booster carton (There are no SR cards for the three starting series of D.C., D.C.II, Little Busters! & Persona 3)
  • RR (Double Rare): Four (One of each card color) are included per booster box.
  • R (Rare): Fifteen in each booster box.
  • U (Uncommon): Two in each Booster Pack.
  • C (Common): Four in each Booster Pack.
  • CR (Climax Rare): One of each per booster box. So each booster box has one copy of all the CR cards.
  • CC (Climax Common): There are 8 pairs per box.
  • TD (Trial Deck): All Trial Deck cards are this rarity, many of them with parallel U or C rarity versions. There are also a number of Trial Deck only cards.

By SeriesEdit

  • D.C., D.C.II, Little Busters!, and Persona 3: 4RRR, 4SP
  • The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya: 8SR、6RRR、2SP
  • Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha A's: 8SR, 8SP
  • Fairy Tail: 8SR, 6RRR, 2SP
  • Everything Else: 8SR、4RRR、4SP


  • There will always be one SP, RRR, or SR card in each booster box.
  • There will never be more than 2 of the same RR or R rarity card in a booster box.(However it is possible to get more than 2 if an SP, RRR or SR version of the card exists).
  • There will never be more than 2 of the same card in each pack regardless of rarity.
  • Extra packs only contain R or C rarity cards.
  • The rarity distribution of each pack is fixed.
    • For a Booster Pack, each pack will include 1SP/RRR/SR/RR/R, 2U, 4C, and 1CC/CR
    • There are always 2 holo-foil cards in each Extra Pack, either 1R and 1C, or 2C. In the former case, there will be 2R and 4C, and in the latter, 1R and 5C.

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