Dc w00 00 Flag of the United Kingdom Translated Name: Inedible Curry
Card No.: P4/S08-070
Series: Persona 4 (Booster)
Side: S Schwarz
Type: Event
Color:Red Red
Level: 1
Cost: 0
Power: N/A
Soul: N/A
Special Attributes: N/A
Card Text:



Translated Card Text:

Choose one of your characters, for the remainder of the turn that character recives the ability: "[Auto] When this card is put into a [reverse] state, if the character it was battling is of equal or lower level, you may place that card into the [reverse] state.

If your opponent has no characters in the [stand] state, you may take one card from their waiting room and place it on top of their deck.

Flavor Text:

 カレーは、辛いとか甘いとかだろ! コレ、くせーんだよ!

Translated Flavor Text:

Curry's supposed to be like "really spicy" or "kinda mild"... This just stinks!!

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