Dc w00 00 Flag of the United Kingdom Translated Name: Brigade Room Koizumi & Nagato
Card No.: SY/W08-012
Series: The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya (Booster)
Side: W Weiß
Type: Character
Color:Yellow Yellow
Level: 2
Cost: 1
Power: 2500
Soul: Soul
Trigger: Soul
Special Attributes: {{Alien, Esper}}
Card Text:


【起】【COUNTER】助太刀2500 レベル2「1手札のこのカードを控え室に置き」(あなたは自分のフロントアタックされているキャラを1枚選び、そのターン中、パワーを+2500)

Translated Card Text:

[Auto] [Discard one card from your hand to the waiting room] When you activate this card's SUPPORT ability, you may pay the cost to activate this ability. Choose up to two cards in your opponent's waiting room, and return them to your opponent's deck, shuffle their deck after wards.

[Startup] [Counter] SUPPORT 2500 Level 2 [1, Discard this card from your hand to the waiting room] (Choose one of your characters which is the target of a Front Attack, for the remainder of this turn that character recieves +2500 power.)

Flavor Text:


Translated Flavor Text:

Koizumi: "I'm terribly sorry. We have slightly less common sense than normal."

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