Dc w00 00 Flag of the United Kingdom Translated Name: Super Hero Aurum
Card No.: DG/S02-092
Series: Disgaea (Booster)
Side: S Schwarz
Type: Character
Color:Blue Blue
Level: 2
Cost: 1
Power: 8000
Soul: Soul
Trigger: Soul
Special Attributes: {{Hero, God}}
Card Text:


Translated Card Text:

[Auto] When this card is played from your hand to the stage, and the number of cards in your deck is 5 or fewer, return the entirety of your waiting room to your deck. Then search your deck for up to one card with 「Overlord」 in its name, show it to your opponent, and add it to your hand. Shuffle your deck afterward.

Flavor Text:


Translated Flavor Text:

I will defeat the strongest overlord, and live on as the hero for all eternity!!

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