柵川中学の生徒 初春
RG W10 101 Flag of the United Kingdom Translated Name: Sakugawa Middle School Student Uiharu
Card No.: RG/W10-101
Series: To Aru Kagaku no Railgun (Trial Deck)
Side: W Weiß
Type: Character
Color:Green Green
Level: 0
Cost: 0
Power: 3500
Soul: Soul
Special Attributes: {{Esper, Disciplinary Committee}}
Card Text:

【永】 このカードの正面のキャラのソウルを+1。

Translated Card Text:

【Continuous】 The Character in front of this card gains Soul +1.

Flavor Text:


Translated Flavor Text:

That's right! Since we're at it already, join us, Saten-san!

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  • This Card is also considered as a Character with 「Uiharu」 in its name.

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